Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Emmy's 1st Birthday Outfit

As the date fast approaches for my little miracle's 1st Birthday, I needed HAD to make her something special to wear for the big event.  I decided to do a pink and green theme.  I know, I know, not too original but SUPER CUTE!!  So I started with the idea of the tutu (seen on my first post). I made it using elastic and tulle and it could not have turned out better. The elastic is a little tricky because it stretches as you add the tulle, but I knew her waist measurement so I was able to stitch it the right size....here is the finished product:

Next, I decided to make a onesie with an appliqued number "1" on it in some cute pink and green paisly fabric. I was also given some white bloomers with her monogram...LOVE IT!!!! Here is the outfit laid out...

Courtesy of Rustic White Photography I had her photos taken, here is a sneak peak....

Love my sweet Emmy!!! 
Can't believe she has been part of our family for almost a year already!

Now, on to the decorations!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

YAY! Have May Camera Back!!

SO....here are the pictures I took at each step of the plate:

Here is the FABULOUS platter in all it's perfection. Still can't believe no chips!

Here is the platter taped off and ready for it's 1st coat of Shellac...

Here is my sweet hubby who, took over my project, is showing me the paint job!

All ready to go...

Bad Picture, but here is the stand after it's coat of black spray paint and steel wooled.


Finished product was Perfect...maybe I wish I lost my camera because I think I need better photos.  Ask me any questions you may have. It was so easy!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Missing My Camera - Chalkboard Platter Instructions

OK, I had this GREAT project to share, BUT I left my camera at the home where I went to the Bridal Shower on Saturday. Did I mention that I am not only Blonde, but sleep deprived with this little girl?  Meaning, I forget things everywhere, ALL the time!  I am going to pick it up tomorrow so the pictures will follow this post.

I came across this platter turned chalkboard (here) on Thrifty Decor Chic's Spray Paint Party Post, I did mention how much I LOVE paint Right?! Anyway, I thought this would be the perfect Shower gift for my cousin and his fiance. So, I pack the baby up for a quick jaunt over to the Goodwill, praying the whole way there would be a perfect, large, white platter. I carry the baby in and bee-line it to the housewares section. I turn the corner and there it was....the Perfect, White Platter!!!  It was under $3, even better!  Thank you Jesus!! (Man, I wish I could insert picture here, ugh!)  Close your eyes and just picture the perfect oval-shaped platter with not chips anywhere.

I cleaned the plate and was ready for the hubby to come home with the additional items needed from his shop. He taped off the edges of the plate so just the bottom of the platter was ready for paint.  This is where my husband steps in, he almost took over the whole project!  I think he liked this idea too. He first sprayed a layer of  Bulls Eye Shellac, he said this can be found at your local Home Depot. 2 light coats, do not overcoat or it will get drip marks...we found this out the hard way.

After that dries, spray your first layer of the Chalkboard Spray Paint. Let dry and then after about hour we applied the second coat. Then remove the tape so it doesn't cause chipping of the paint.  If there is any over-spray or to just clean your edges, use a Laquer Thinner and a q-tip and clean as needed. Allow to set for 24 hours and then your platter is complete.  It turned out Beautiful!!  (Need a picture here too!!)

I purchased a stand months ago at Hobby Lobby that was a light blue.  We spray painted the stand black, and then used steel wool to allow the aged look with some of the blue coming through. It looked like I spent a fortune, but we all know what kind of deal you get at the GW!!

Pictures coming tomorrow!  Have a great evening, I am on to my next project...can't wait to show you!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Silhouette Giveaway

I am sooo excited. I just came across a "new-to-me" Blog called Between Naps on the Porch. It is full of wonderful ideas and information. Also, she is participating in a Silhouette Giveaway and I have entered. I have started a savings fund for one of these and it would be awesome if I win. But, you must check her out and even enter to win yourself a Silhouette.

The Silhouette Giveaway

Good Luck!


I Can't Find Enough Things to Paint!!!

So here is how my little $2 owl turned out. I don't know what it is, but I LOVE him!!

Before his primer..

Here he is all primed and ready. I have a vision for his color and after a little hunt in my bucket of paints (doesn't everyone have a bucket of paints?  No? Well, you should!) this is what I chose....

"Indian Turquiose". It's perfect for my daughter's room! I am playing with several spots like here...

Or here....

We'll see where he likes to be best.

OK, as I was waiting for the first coat of paint to dry I started to look around my house to see what else I can transform....Hmmmmm. Then, I spotted my 2 little chicks that are boring beige. Here they are now, all primed and ready for their next color......

Haven't decided what color yet, you'll have to check in tomorrow!  I LOVE Paint!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feeling Inspired!!

OK, so a quick trip to the Goodwill has my head spinning with so many ideas. I came across an old blackboard/chalkboard and it was less than 5 buckeroos and it's pretty big. I have this large frame that has been sitting at my husband's shop and I think I just found a use for it! Then, I found this little owl, I am all about owls these days, that just needed a home but bless his heart, he is pretty ugly. So I am going to paint him. He is already outside with his first coat of primer!!  Then I found another 3 frames (8x10) that have the class and I am going to paint, insert some fabric, then use vinyl for bird silhouette's to apply to the glass. It sure looks cute in my head, now let's just make it happen. Here are my before pictures of some of my loot. It doesn't look like much, but I can't wait to see what it will be turned into!!!

Oh the possibilities!!!! Can you see it too??

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Have My Computer Back

OK, so you know those storms I mentioned in my last post??  Well, they had fun with our electronics in this house. I am back online after almost 2 weeks.  I cannot believe how dependent I am on this thing!  I LOVE IT! What did I do before the internet?

I am planning my Baby Girl's first birthday and I have finally committed to a color scheme. Pink and Green, what a surprise! Anyway, I just scheduled her pictures with rusticwhitephotography.com. My cousin and his wife started this business and they do excellent work.  Will share some pictures when completed.

New idea coming soon!